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ZenSense Vase

Ultrasonic Diffuser

$59.00 USD $89.99 USD
  • ZenSense Vase
  • ZenSense Vase
  • ZenSense Vase
  • ZenSense Vase
  • ZenSense Vase
  • ZenSense Vase
  • ZenSense Vase

ZenSense Vase

Ultrasonic Diffuser

$59.00 USD $89.99 USD

A calm that makes scents.

Enrich your home with aromas from a diffuser that's easy to use, fits just about anywhere and gets the job done in style. Now sit back and relax with a stream of vapour that makes your mind say "ahh".

 Relieve stress and improve mental focus
Compact design
Natural air freshener
 Beautiful home decor

Be the green - your purchase with us donates 25 kWh of clean wind energy. Learn More

Live natural, breathe happy.

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Now the Good Stuff.

The natural aromas allow you to relax with Zen-like mental clarity after (or even during) a long day much like a stroll through the park would.

Natural Air Freshener
Fill your home with a constant stream of fresh, natural scents completely free of chemical products and put those aerosol sprays to the side.

Essential Oil Healing
The essential oils used with your diffuser are 100% pure plant extracts traditionally used as medicine, each scent hosting its own unique healing properties.

Eye-Catching Decor
With its marvelous spectacle of flowing mist, you can be sure to raise some eyebrows and impress your guests with your new living room set piece.



Unit Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser
Mist Duration 6-8 Hours
Tank Capacity 160 mL
Dimensions 130 x 130 x 190 mm
Weight 500 grams
Power Outlet A/C wall outlet (US/UK/EU/AU)
Power (W) 12W

Our Guarantee

You have a full 30 days of use with your diffuser to experience a new sense of calm before you decide whether you'd like to keep it - 100% money back guaranteed!

Instructions of Use

1. Take off the top cap and the inner tank lid of the diffuser 
2. Fill the tank with water so it fills at just a finger's space from the top
3. Add a few drops (6-12) of your preferred essential oil into the water
4. Place the tank lid and top cap back on and plug the unit into power
5. Press the Mist button and watch the vapour flow

Note: It may take 5-10 minutes for the stream to reach its fullest strength, so be patient!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

ZenSense Vase


My living room smells really nice.. this may be Christmas gifts.


The diffuser is very cute. I have to lightly hit the bottom/side of the diffuser to open it which is slightly annoying. It is also way smaller than expected. The instructions are super clear and I've never used a diffuser so I was a little lost on what to do.
I wasn't super impressed, but it looks nice and does the job!

vase diffuser

I like the design a lot and it looks great in my home. Smaller than I expected, though.


We took advantage of ZenSense's holiday special on buying 5 EO's and getting a diffuser for free. We are glad we did. The diffuser is nice and works very well. We will continue to purchase products from this company!