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Organic Essential Oil

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Organic Essential Oil

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The very essence of fruity sweetness, there's a reason this famous fruit stands as one of our most popular oils. Cold-pressed from the orange peel, so you're sure to get everything you're looking for in the purest form of this scent. Close your eyes and you can't tell the difference from the real thing and your guests will surely thank you for it.

Size: 10 mL (0.34 fl oz.)
Used For: Energy boost, relaxing, tension relief
Scent Profile: Sweet and fruity

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The Breakdown

Used For Energy boost, happiness, relieve tension
Botanical Name Citrus sinensis
Plant Part Used Fruit Peel
Extraction Method Cold Pressed
Country of Origin USA
Aroma Note Top
Aroma Description Sweet, citrusy, fruity
Blends Well With Cinnamon, Ginger, Lavender

What's so Great About Essential Oils?

As Pure as You Can Get
When we say pure, we mean it! Our oils are as close to the source plant as you can get, heated up or cold pressed to extract the natural oils within

Nature in a Bottle
Staying inside all day can wear us down. The natural scents of essential oils can restore our minds much the same way a walk through the woods does

There's an Oil for That!
Essential oils were used as healing medication in ancient times, each one with its own unique properties that help us focus, sleep, relax and such even today

Mix it Up
They also blend very well together! Try some of our Zen Scents blends inspired by nature or come up with your own by mixing them in your diffuser

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
High quality diffuser and rich oils

The diffuser looks so much nicer in person, beyond my expectations and the orange essential oils was quite pleasant. A definite recommendation to friends and family!

4 star



A very nice uplifting scent that I use often in my kitchen.

Mmmm so good!!

Can't get enough of that orange scent! Such a sweet treat for the nose