Every order made donates 30 kWh of renewable wind energy.
That's enough to power the average household for nearly 2 days!


Together we have raised over 150,000 kilowatt hours of clean wind energy thanks to your support in the ZenSense name. That's enough to power 50 average households for 6 months while preventing 130,658 pounds of CO2 emissions - let's keep it up!


About the ZenSense Green Earth Movement

Dedicated to all things pure and natural, the team at ZenSense is on a mission to help clean our planet one little bit at a time. For every order made on our site however big or small, ZenSense will donate 30 kWh of renewable wind energy into wind turbines throughout the New England region in the Eastern United States.

That’s right – for every order you place with our store, you will be contributing directly to sustainable wind energy, joining the global effort in reducing the amount of harmful CO2 emissions from other forms of energy generation.

We have partnered with the Green Energy Consumer's Alliance to support their New England Wind Fund to help them put your contribution into use in the amount of at least 30 kWh of wind energy within the next 10 years. Their campaigns have been widely successful in supporting wind turbines from the shores of Rhode Island to the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts and helping to build a brighter future for our planet by reducing carbon emissions into our atmosphere. There really is no time like the present to join the worldwide cause in fighting global warming and here is your chance to be part of it.

How much energy exactly is 30 kWh? Well, we knew you would ask so we went ahead and crunched the numbers for you in order to see about how much renewable wind energy you will be contributing with us.

30 kWh is approximately equal to:

  • 1,920 hours of diffusing
  • 300 hour marathon of your favourite TV show
  • 5,520 full charges of your phone
  • 600 hours of jamming out to the radio
  • 60 hours of chilling drinks in the fridge

That’s quite a lot of energy we got there! Join us in being part of the global change of bringing some nature back into our world and allowing life to thrive the way it was meant to.


If you are interested in making a personal donation to the cause, you may follow this link to donate now!