What are essential oils?

Essential oils are naturally extracted oils from the natural base material they are derived from. For example, our lavender oil is extracted from real lavender flowers using a scientific process known as distillation. All of our oils are 100% pure and come straight from the source. When dispersed into the air as a vapor, these oils have powerful soothing effects on the mind that can help you rejuvenate your spirit.

Why are they so expensive?

We at ZenSense put purity first with our oils. They are procured by professionals in our labs and we allow nothing less than 100% natural. No fillers, no diluters are added to the mix - what you get is absolutely pure essential oil of the highest standard. We harvest all of our source materials fresh to ensure that you get only the best. Authenticity is guaranteed so that you can really maximize the health benefits of each essential oil and put your mind first.

What can they do for me?

Just pour a couple drops of your favorite scent into the water base of your oil diffuser and watch as your room is filled with its sensational aroma. On top of having a fantastic scent, each oil has its own set of unique mental health perks that can help give your mind a boost when you need it the most. Each scent stimulates a specific region in your brain and clears your mind while naturally inducing the feeling associated with the oil.

Looking for...

Relaxation? Try out our lavender oil!

Energy boost? Check out our lemongrass oil!

Focus? Go with the eucalyptus oil!

A mood boost? Give our orange oil a shot!

A decongestant? Do some peppermint oil!

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