Breathing has never felt this good.

This is it. We can quite honestly say that nebulizing diffusers are THE future of diffusing essential oils. While the emitted mist isn't as flashy as their ultrasonic counterparts, let us explain to you why you'll never go back after using one of these.

No Heat
As you may (or may not) know, high temperatures can alter the composition of essential oils and reduce their therapeutic benefits. Nebulizers use absolutely no heat to diffuse the essential oil into the air and retain the oil's full potential.

No Water
This is a game changer. While you may be accustomed to diffusers that require water to suspend the oils in, nebulizing diffusers do not. Once again, this leaves the essential oils' therapeutic potency to its fullest, undiluted potential.

No Plastic
The essential oils are dropped into a glass chamber as opposed to a plastic tank which is a much safer and cleaner alternative for the oils. Glass is easier to clean, contains no chemicals that can leach into the oil and just plain feels nicer to use.

No Mess
With its easy to use drop and mist design, nebulizing diffusers leave no mess behind from leaking water, condensation nor any incense residue or melted wax as by other means of aromatherapy. The absolute cleanest way to fill your home with soothing aromas.

Purity Redefined
As you may have already noticed by the above points, the essential oils' purity is absolutely 100% retained. No heat to break down the molecular structure, no water to dilute their potency and no contact with plastic to interfere. This is the closest you'll ever get to breathing nature in your home.


Unit Nebulizing Oil Diffuser
Mist Duration 4 - 24 Hours
Tank Capacity 100 mL
Dimensions 115 x 115 x 180 mm
Weight 500 grams
Power Outlet A/C wall outlet (US/EU/UK)
Power (W) 10W

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

Looking to just try it out? No problem! You have a full 365 days of use with your diffuser before you decide whether or not you'd like to keep it - 100% money back guaranteed!