What is A Diffuser?

When we're out in nature, walking through the woods or next to a waterfall, we tend to feel relaxed and at ease. Diffusers bring that same refreshing feeling into your home by gently infusing the air you breathe with plant extracts. They are a simple way to get the mind calm and enjoy the natural aromas of essential oils with a cool mist.

How Does it Work?
Inside of each unit, there is a tiny ceramic disc that vibrates at a high frequency to generate a cool, odourless water vapour, kinda like the mist you get beside a waterfall. Add some essential oils into the mix and this vibration disperses a fine mist infused with the oils' natural soothing aromas. Take a deep breath and let go of stress and anxiety.

Why Should I Use One?

If you're looking for a safer, natural way to freshen up your home or office look no further. Not to mention enriching the air with the relaxing, healing effects of nature to boost calm, improve sleep, enhance energy and focus, there's an essential oil remedy for all of your daily needs.

Now the Good Stuff.

The natural aromas help your mind relax with Zen-like mental clarity after (or even during) a long day much like a stroll through the park would.

Natural Air Freshener
Fill your home with a running stream of refreshing scents completely free of chemical products and put those aerosol sprays to the side.

Essential Oil Healing
The essential oils used with your diffuser are 100% pure plant extracts traditionally used as medicine, each scent hosting its own unique healing properties.

Reduce Irritants
Diffusers release negative ions into the air to reduce dust, allergens and other airborne irritants to bring the same refreshing feeling as being next to a waterfall.

Eye-Catching Decor
With its marvelous spectacle of flowing mist, you can be sure to raise some eyebrows and impress your guests with your new living room set piece.