Breathe better. Purer air. Calm your allergies. Neutralize electromagnetic waves. Negative ions. All that good stuff.

You’ve probably heard of the attributed health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps. But in case you haven’t, here is a summarized list of the proposed healing qualities of this sacred mountain salt turned lamp:

  • Boost blood flow
  • Improve sleep
  • Purify air quality
  • Increase serotonin levels in the brain
  • Calm allergies
  • Reduce asthma symptoms
  • Lower stress levels
  • Neutralize electromagnetic radiation
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improved breathing
  • Increase focus and performance

And the list goes on. Wow. Quite impressive isn’t it. But can we prove it?

There’s no denying that being around this exotic salt is good for you. It is a proven fact that they do release negative ions into the air (link to study) that neutralize positive ions, which are a type of free radical, that cause excessive oxidative stress to our body’s cells.

Excessive oxidative stress leads to higher cell deterioration in our bodies. Which in turn is a root cause of premature aging, weak immune system and common mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

All of the positive effects of himalayan salts are scientifically backed by studies and examinations, such as this one in which physicians in the 19th century noted that salt miners were known to have fewer pulmonary health problems than the general population.

It’s also why salt baths and salt spas exist, both of which have shown to ease stress and tension and provide an overall sense of relaxation to the body and mind.

All of the proposed Himalayan Salt benefits can be attributed to 2 main qualities of this pink rock:

  1. Your TV, phone, microwave and all electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation which increases the amount of positive ions in the air. Positive ions are free radicals that cause oxidative stress in our bodies which can lead to premature aging, stress, brain fog, chronic fatigue, decreased immune response to name a few. Negative ions counteract the effects of these positive ions. In nature, negative ions can be found in area of flowing water, released by plants during photosynthesis, and yep you guessed it, when heat is applied to a natural salt formation. Who knew.

  1. Salt is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water vapour from the air. When the air surrounding a salt lamp is filled with contaminants, pollutants, dust and all sorts of nasty things we don’t wanna be breathing, it is said that the hygroscopic nature of the salt absorbs the airborne contaminants and traps them inside the salt. This removes the pollutants from the air we breathe, allegedly acting as a purification system, leaving us with crystal clear air to enjoy.

So the facts are on the table. Negative ions have been shown to improve blood flow, prevent damage to lungs, used by astronauts to recover after missions in space, improve mood in those who suffer from seasonal depression, protect against germs in the air; the list goes on.

Ever wonder why taking a dip in the ocean feels so good? Negative ions.

How about going on a hike ending at a quaint waterfall river? Negative ions most likely played a part.

The real question is, is the amount of salt in a typical household Himalayan Salt Lamp, as well as the amount of heat that the inner light bulb produces, enough to yield a significant impact on our day-to-day health?

Studies are inconclusive on this part. Claims for Himalayan salt lamps are not fully 100% proven, but are based on plausible science. Salt in the air really does help with breathing problems (which is why himalayan salt is often used in inhaler devices for those with asthma), and negative ions really are totally linked to better moods.

I know, it gets a little confusing sometimes. Negative ions = good. Positive ions = bad. It’s almost like science is just trying to mess with our heads.

So just for a moment, let’s forget all of this pseudo-science, negative ion, hygroscopic mumbo-jumbo. Here are the REAL reasons why every household should have at least one Himalayan Salt Lamp (or Candle) laying around.

The REAL Reasons to Have a Himalayan Salt Lamp

  1. 1 Is Greater than 0

    Simply put, even if the effects of Himalayan Salts are marginal, given their small size and low amount of heat emitted, something is better than nothing. If keeping a salt lamp by your side while you work in place of the clunky desk lamp beaming down on your head will give you even a slight improvement in air quality and breathing, I’ll take it.

  1. A Natural Work of Art

    Just look at it. I mean really, look at it. And it’s far more impressive to touch and carry in person, these things got some weight to them! A work of art, sculpted by nature, we as humans thrive on looking at natural patterns and formations and triggers a sense of awe and inspiration beyond words. If we can take a tiny chunk of that into our daily lives, I’m not complaining.

  1. Warm Light Ideal for Evening Time Use

    The warm, orange-ish glow the lamps emit are actually more beneficial to our eyes than we think. The hue of this light is completely devoid of blue light. Blue light wakes our brains up, convincing them that it’s day time. Being exposed to too much blue light in the evening time can lead to insomnia, poor sleep quality, and difficulty getting up in the morning. The glow of a salt lamp is reminiscent to that of a campfire as used by our ancestors in the evening times and can have a calming effect on our brains without the harshness of white fluorescent light bulbs, which emit LOADS of blue light.

  1. Raw, Authentically Sourced

    This is a big one. There are many fake or inferior quality salt lamps out there made of imitation Himalayan salt (yes, that is a thing) or cheaper pink salts that don’t carry as much of the proposed health benefits. Wondering why that salt lamp on Amazon is so cheap? May be worthwhile to do your research and look into it. At ZenSense, we cut out the guesswork. All 100% raw, authentically sourced Hiamalyan salt from the Khewra salt mines in Pakistan. All natural, no BS. Give it a shot with the real deal and see if you can notice a difference.

And there you have it, our two cents on the nature of salt lamps. Their health claims may (or may not) be a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but either way they are an excellent addition to any household. Especially for one in which natural health and stress relief is a priority. Make sure to get yours 100% authentic! Check out our salt lamps below.

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