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We believe in a lifestyle of supporting your inner Zen. That's why we offer absolutely 100% natural, daily home remedies for supporting calm and mental well-being.


Nurture Your Mind

Meditation. Presence. Unwavering stillness. It’s all part of your life whether you know it or not. We have practiced these for thousands of years, adapted from ancient eastern philosophy in the ever long pursuit of peace of mind.

A mind that is in control. A mind that smiles when everything goes wrong. A mind that is calm and relaxed, able to make choices with the highest degree of clarity.

Well, the mind is a funny thing and sometimes feels like it is controlling us rather than the other way around. The old practices of Zen started with exactly this purpose - giving you full control over your own inner state.

And that’s why you’re here. When you make the choice to nurture your mind with meditation, you discover an inner stillness that feels pretty good.

But it's only when you pick up the habits of maintaining that calm outside of meditation, do you realize how much it really impacts your life.

We help you bring the calming presence of Zen into your home with mindful wellness that naturally becomes part of your day. Support daily habits inspired by the proven principles of mindfulness and cultivate an indestructible mind.

Free up some head space for more of what matters to you.

How We Started

ZenSense began as an effort in helping an overworked university student manage stress in a never ending schedule of things to do. Naturally meditation followed, a practice that had proven to have incredible calming effects, but only temporarily.

You get totally into the Zen zone during and even 10-20 minutes after your session but as soon as your daily tasks start piling up it slowly fades, showing up only in brief glimpses when you remind yourself, "Hey wait, I meditated today didn't I."

It wasn't enough just to meditate once and call it day. It was about forming a lifestyle that supports a mindful state ALL day long.

Turns out, natural-based wellness in your daily living has a mindful impact on our mind's well-being. Especially in today's quick-fix, tech-fueled world.

We may not realize it, but our modern day conveniences cause more harm than we know. Electromagnetic radiation, GMO foods, chemical laden household products, etc. all contribute to the unconscious mental haze we tend to slip back into.

And that's where it began. A search for only the cleanest, all-natural daily wellness for your mind. Passive meditation as it came to be; a way of supporting your mind's meditative state in everything you do.

Think of it as a training boot camp for your mind. Except the boot camp is your home. And the training is everything you would normally do. OK so it’s not much of a boot camp but you get the picture.

We are enormous supporters of active meditation and encourage it through our product lines. We're here to support that feeling of presence once the meditation is over and the mindfulness begins to fade.

Our mind wellness product lines are as naturally pure as you can possibly get and act as a counterbalance to all the brain-fog inducing culprits of our modern day.

What We Offer

When we first set out in our search for all-natural wellness, what we found was staggering. Many big name consumer health & wellness products claiming to be "completely natural" almost always contained 1 or more synthetic ingredients.

Seems as though the whole 100% natural wellness trend had become more of a marketing tactic to lure buyers. Time to change that.

All of our products are sourced absolutely nothing-to-hide, completely 100% natural. Designed to be a natural extension of your daily routine while promoting Zenful habits like conscious breathing. 

Our aim is to hit you with the absolute purest that nature's got with all of your senses. Smell, see, touch, taste and hear, all incredible tools of connecting with the present moment and commonly used in traditional practice. Say hello to your Zenᵗʰ sense.

The ZenSense Mantra

Mindfulness outside of meditation. Helping you find your calm with natural daily wellness built on the proven principles of meditation and mindful awareness for an unshakable inner composure that stays with you all day.

Take the ZenSense challenge: we guarantee noticeable improvement of your inner calm after 30 days of receiving your products or 100% of your money back. We mean it.

A Peak into the Future

It all starts with a breath. Everything else follows from there. Our essential oil formulas and unique diffusers were inspired by conscious breathing to promote an everyday meditation.

Our sense of smell is an incredible tool to not only invoke deep breaths but also as a point of focus in staying grounded to the present moment.

We are currently focused on this sense as a way of bringing mindfulness into our daily lives, but we do have many other senses to explore. Keep an eye out for what we'll be coming out with in the future as we dive even further into the best in mindful wellness.

A Greener Earth

We couldn’t morally call ourselves a mindfulness movement without some sort of conscious sustainability effort for the planet we call our home.

We partnered with the New England Wind Fund to donate in support of clean wind energy through the construction of wind turbines across the New England region in the United States. Do your part in helping combat global warming and get some ZenSense in your life.

Founder's Notes

Obsessed with self improvement. When I stumbled across meditation during my university years, I found the effect it had on my inner state incredible. Yet short lived. That mindset of mindfulness, although powerful right after meditating, always seems to slowly fade away as the day went on and responsibilities began to show.

That’s when I realized. Our mind is our most important asset. Everything we do, eat, think and breathe (literally) affects it and who we are throughout the day. Meditation introduces us to that feeling of mindfulness. A daily lifestyle of proper mind care is what keeps it.

I set out to support this internal feeling of calm into every moment of my day, learning best practices of mind wellness from brain hackers to Zen monks. From that feeling ZenSense was born, giving your mind what it needs for an inner calm that lasts.

    - Filip, Zen In-Training

Every order made donates 25 kWh of clean wind energy through support in the construction of wind turbines in New England.

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