Insert the glass chamber into the base

A little spout at the bottom of the glass chamber should fit snugly into a hole on top of the wood diffuser base.


Add 8-20 drops

Of your chosen essential oil(s) into the glass chamber and place the glass cap piece onto the top opening of the glass. The more oil you add, the longer it lasts.


Turn on the mist

By rotating the mist control knob clockwise. Just like the volume on a radio, the more you rotate, the more powerful the mist strength.


The inner fan blows air

Up from inside the base while simultaneously pulling the essential oil through an inner glass tube and blasting the oil with a hyper-concentrated stream of air.


Essential oil aroma is released

When the directed stream of air causes the essential oil atoms to vibrate at a higher rate, evaporating it into highly concentrated oil vapour that fills the air with it’s soothing natural aroma in its purest form.