As a part of our natural living initiative at ZenSense, we give back to the world so that everyone may have a chance to live the cleaner, happier life they deserve. Children all across the world are suffering from illness and even death due to contaminated drinking water and poor water purification treatment methods in their local communities. We are looking to change that and help them go natural by providing appropriate water treatment, so that they may enjoy water the way it was naturally intended.

And so, we have partnered with the Proctor & Gamble Children's Safe Drinking Water Fund (CSDWF) to share the power of clean drinking water with children around the world. Every order made with ZenSense provides a child with 50 days of clean drinking water, through P&G water purification packets, each of which safely treat 10 liters of contaminated water. The packets use eco-friendly powdered water treatment technology to safely kill off any bacteria, viruses and parasites in the water.

The fund has provided emergency relief funds during global crises in the past and continues to provide safe drinking water everyday. Through ZenSense, we actively provide water treatment through market distributors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Join us in being part of the change of bringing the world back to its natural origins and allowing life to thrive the way it was meant to.