What is an ultrasonic diffuser?

So what does it even do for me?

OK, how exactly does it help me relax?

When should I use it?

Does it light up?

What sort of timer settings does it have?

I got mine and there isn’t enough mist coming out, how do I make it thicker?

What is the warranty?

Tech Specs

Unit Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser
Mist Duration 4-6 Hours
Tank Capacity 200 mL
Timed Modes 1H/2H/3H
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 190 mm
Weight 230 Grams
Power Outlet A/C wall outlet (US/EU)
Power (W) 12W

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

On the fence? Don't worry, you've got a whole year to try it out and decide whether you'd like to keep your diffuser once you get it.

5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

On top of that, our product warranty keeps your diffuser safe from all defects and technical malfunctions for the next 5 years of your life.