What is an ultrasonic diffuser?

What you get is a device that disperses water into the air as a vapor, which on its own, complements your room with a natural aesthetic while humidifying and cooling the surrounding area. When a few drops of essential oil are added to the mix, the oils are then dispersed into the air, which along with their enjoyable scent provide a list of health benefits to the mind and body known as aromatherapy.

How are they good for me?

Along with being an easily refillable personal humidifier, aromatherapy has its list of scientifically proven health benefits. It has been shown through many clinical studies that keeping one of these running in the background of our daily lives whether at home or in the office can have incredible effects on our minds and internal well-being. The health benefits include:

Enhancing Calm

The use of oil diffusers, especially using lavender scents has been shown to reduce stress. Scientific studies have shown that participants who were using aromatherapy felt less pain and had reduced stress levels during a stressful situation, compared to participants who were not using aromatherapy. Other studies showed reduced stress levels in cancer patients who had undergone aromatherapy treatment.


Stimulating Brain Activity

Using essential oils in a diffuser is a highly-effective way to super-charge your brain cells. Many essential oils have adaptogenic qualities – meaning that they are soothing when you’re stressed, but they can also give you a pick-me-up when you’re feeling sluggish. By leveling out your mood, the oils in the air will help you to focus. With regular use, these oils can help to heal the underlying causes responsible for hampering cognitive function.


Elevating Mood

Just as a the invigorating aromas of oil diffusion can help you to de-stress, they are also known to invoke an energizing, uplifting mood. The powerful scents of the natural oils activate specific areas of the brain which allows for the production of more serotonin. This is not only great for improving your mood when you’re feeling sad or depressed but to inspire high spirits throughout your day or to set a positive atmosphere for business meetings and social gatherings.


Relieving Pain

One of the best benefits of aromatherapy is that it can relieve pain. Oil diffusion creates a great natural scent used for the reduction of pain, and is very commonly known for its success for relieving menstrual pains. This method is also an excellent way to combat persistent pain such as that caused by headaches, sore joints, and overworked muscles.

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