"Bring some calm back into your life. You know, that feeling you get when everything’s just going your way. We bring a dose of Zen into your mind using your basic senses to activate the parts of your brain that help you relax. Inspired by nature, our mind wellness collection gives you a modern take on meditation that fits into your busy life."

- Filip Zieba, Founder, ZenSense

Making Sense of Zen

ZenSense began as an effort in helping an overworked university student manage stress in a never ending schedule of things to do. Naturally meditation followed, a practice that had proven to have incredible calming effects, but also one that no one ever seems to have time for it.

Mindful living through meditation is one of those things that’s a little hard to get people into because of it’s seemingly tedious and mystical nature. Sitting still for 20-30 minutes at a time while trying to clear your head of thought every single day doesn't exactly make you want to jump out of bed.

ZenSense provides a fresh take on meditation and Zen culture that fits into your busy life. We are here to help you make sense of the benefits of this whole meditation craze and seamlessly infuse those benefits into your current lifestyle. We embrace the idea of passive meditation which simply means getting your head into a state of ease and relaxation while you go about your day as you normally would.

In order to make it as convenient as possible to jump into, we built our passive meditation around something we all use every day. Our senses – that is sight, hearing, smell, taste and feel. If we’re already using them on a daily basis, might as well make it good for us, right? Each of our products hits one of our basic senses in a way that passively promotes a state of calm without even having to think about it.

Think of it as a training boot camp for your mind. Except the boot camp is your home. And the training is whatever you normally do. OK so it’s not much of a boot camp but you get the picture.

We are enormous supporters of active meditation and encourage it through our product lines. But sometimes we just need a little extra something in the background to keep our minds in the right place all throughout the day.

For those who already embrace a mindful lifestyle, passive meditation becomes a sort of fill in the blanks between your sessions that keeps your head sharp. Our mind wellness products help you stay connected to a calmer mind during and even after active meditation for an inner composure that stays with you all day. Life hacks for your mind.

Mind Wellness Products

All of our products are designed to act on your senses in a way that doesn’t disrupt the flow of your daily routine while helping you get in touch with inner clarity. We are inspired by nature as the source of our calm state of mind and bring this spirit into all of our products to help us maintain healthy mind function.

That’s what mindfulness is to us - a daily upkeep of mind maintenance through your senses by flushing your brain clear of all stress induced thoughts. That's quite a mouthful. To put it simply, mind wellness, through nature, in your home. Now that’s tapping into your Zen(th) sense.

The ZenSense Mantra

To provide a modern approach to meditation that doesn’t require intense dedication and easily fits into your life schedule. We want to show you the friendlier side of meditation and mind wellness that brings you a passive sense of inner calm and enhanced brain activity through nature inspired wellness in your home. Take the ZenSense challenge and we can guarantee noticeable improvement of your inner state after 30 days of receiving your products or 100% of your money back.

A Peak into the Future

Although we are currently focused on bringing the best and coolest diffusers and inspiring essential oils for mind wellness through scent, we do have 4 other senses to explore. We have some incredible ideas in the works that play with our other senses and fit very well into the context of everyday living. Keep in touch for future updates - we can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

A Greener Earth

Photo by: JAMIE VESAY (source)

We couldn’t morally call ourselves a mindfulness movement without some sort of conscious sustainability effort for the planet we call our home. That’s why we partnered with the New England Wind Fund to donate in support of clean wind energy through the construction of wind turbines across the New England region in the United States. Do your part in helping combat global warming and get some ZenSense in your life.

Founder's Notes

Hey everyone, Filip here. I personally got into the whole meditation scene during my computer science program in university to get through the toughest years of my life. When I made it out (alive and with a degree, thankfully) I was impressed to see how steady and composed my mind had become to whatever life threw my way.

The mind is (literally) a computer and just like one needs to be cleared of thought once in a while (or memory in computers), which is exactly what meditation does. I set out to bring this internal feeling of calmness to others without getting lost in the philosophy of mindfulness by giving meditation a more down to earth and relatable voice. From that voice came ZenSense, a modern take on mindfulness that just makes sense.

    - Filip

Every order made donates 25 kWh of clean wind energy through support in the construction of wind turbines in New England.

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