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Would You Like Some ZEN With That?

Would You Like Some ZEN With That?

I've been getting a few questions roaming around lately asking about what exactly ZenSense is. Are we an essential oil company? Diffuser brand? Well, yeah kinda. But it’s a little more than just the products we offer.

We are a mind wellness movement. A little different from traditional mental health awareness, our focus lies more in keeping our minds in their absolute optimal state at all times.

Does that mean we aim to be happy and positive as often as possible?

Not necessarily.

An optimal state as we defined it, draws elements from mindful based ideologies such as stoicism and Zen Buddhism and applies them to our everyday lives. Meditation principles that helps us master full control of our own inner state; emotions, feelings and all.

Feel calm. Our entire culture described in 2 words.

Borrowing elements from traditional Zen ideology and combining them with a modern look and feel, we bring the journey of Zen into your home.

An enlightenment for the modern era, if you will.

Our story page covers most of what we stand for in greater detail, so we’ll treat this as a higher level overview of what we do for you.

All of our products are designed to help you not only become more mindful, but more importantly to maintain that state all throughout your day.

Although as of writing, we mainly focus on diffusers and essential oils we plan on expanding further into our other senses, so keep an eye out.

In summary, here are the main values ZenSense stands for and how we may differ from other diffuser companies and wellness brands:

A New Type of Wellness

Gone are the days of traditional mental health wellness, there’s a new kid on the block. Our focus on mind wellness or  as we sometimes like to call it, Zen wellness incorporates ideas of classic Zen culture into your daily life to help you keep your mind performing at it’s best.

Mind wellness keeps you in check on a daily basis so you don’t fall into the mindless, unconscious haze so many of us are used to.

Reach your Zen Goals

You have goals. Whether you know them or not, everyone has a set of goals in their life in which they are either working on or attempting to discover.

Reaching your goals starts with the right mindset, which we call your Zen goals. Staying calm in difficult situations, addressing complications without falling victim to negative mindsets is all part of the game and we help you reach it.

Mindfulness for the Modern Era

Traditional meditation and Zen culture focus on spirituality and various spiritual jargon that’s easy to get lost in. Opening your third eye, what now?

ZenSense keeps it simple and modern for an easier way to understand and live the benefits of a more mindful lifestyle.

Feel Calm with Your 5 Senses

While ZenSense helps you find your Zenth Sense (get it?) we also employ finding your Zen through your senses. Did I lose you there?

To put it simply, sight, hearing, taste, smell, and feel are all excellent ways of getting present, and we’ve read all the tricks in the book to help you get on the fastlane to enlightenment.

Best Quality for your Mind

If you’re serious about getting and keeping your mind in the best, most composed state it’s ever been, there’s no question on only allowing the absolute best quality to go into your mind.

We source our essential oils and consumable ingredients locally to keep a close eye on purity and effectiveness, even though it raises our overall cost. Only ‘cus we care.

Never compromise. Get the best your mind can get with Zen wellness for your mind and become the everyday Zen master. OK, now time to do laundry.

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Learn more about the origins of the Zen Enso circle (the one in the ZenSense logo!) by following this link.


Filip Zieba

Executive mind wellness enthusiast from Toronto, Canada supercharging your mind with a modern take on mindfulness and Zen culture that just makes sense.