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Why You Already Messed up your Resolution

Why You Already Messed up your Resolution

And more importantly, why it doesn’t even matter.

New year, new you right?

That’s what many people proclaim. The all mighty January 1st has been hailed as a life reset for many.

And other people just don’t care, different year same old problems.

Statistics show that 80% of people already give up on their resolutions by the second week of February. Those numbers don’t exactly stack up in your favour.

So why is it that most people fail their new year’s resolutions? Well, it’s because they SET new year’s resolutions.

What? So are you saying that people who set goals are less likely to achieve them? Not exactly.

You see, setting an epic NYR paints a picture in your head of a time based goal, that once that clocks hits 12, I‘ll start working on it.

When you set a NYR, you tend to blow it up into something much bigger in your mind than it actually is.

Going to the gym for one day sounds a lot less daunting than the resolution of working out 6 days a week starting January 1st doesn't it?

But they both start at the same place. That one first day.

Starting to make sense? Setting a goal with a title as official as “my New Year’s Resolution” makes it seem a lot more challenging than it actually is.

When we set goals that feel so HUGE right from the start, it makes us feel like we’re attempting to do something borderline impossible.

1 week in and realizing you’re less than 0.1% at your desired goal can be heartbreaking.

Which is why I say forget the NYR, and let’s embrace the all year resolution.

Where we tackle goals in bite sized chunks and gradually increase those chunks day by day.

Oh and instead of waiting for January 1st to roll around you start now.

You heard me. Right. Now.

Keep an end goal in mind, as almost a subconscious thought, but set your current goal as the first step you have to take.

Sign up for the gym.

Eat a full head of broccoli.

Meditate for 3 minutes.

Write the first paragraph of your book.

Whatever it is, it all starts with the first step. As cheesy as that sounds, the truth is in the cheese.

Unless you’re vegan. Then you can call it corny #lamejoke.

Once you succeed on that first step, you’ve completed your all year resolution. Hey look at you, you’re doing it!

But it doesn’t stop there. Life can’t be that easy. Keep the streak going day after day, focusing on only what you do that one day.

Running for 20 minutes is a lot less daunting than losing 30 lbs in 8 months. And if you can bring yourself to do that one easy task everyday, well then you’re well on the way.

This is actually a psychological phenomenon called the winner’s effect.

When you experience success, no matter how small, on a regular basis, you are more likely to experience even more success. A positive feedback loop of the best kind.

When your daily task (or tasks, there can also be more than 1, but for your own sake, start with 1) start feeling a little too easy, bring it up a bit.

25 minutes.

2 pages.

A full meal.

You get the picture.

Oh and one last important thing, DON’T call it an “all year resolution”. Don’t even call it a resolution.

That defeats the whole purpose of our anti-resolution.

And it’s just gonna trip you up and you’ll fall back into new year-itis of falling short on your enormous goals.

I don’t even know what to call it. Just call it “living” for the sake of your (and my own) mental health.

Stop blowing up goals into colossal monsters when they’re in fact just little puppies you have to feed on a daily basis.

When you make this mindset shift, big things happen.

Except when they do happen, they won’t feel so big anymore. Just another part of your crazy amazing life.

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