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The Best New Emoji Ever

The Best New Emoji Ever

Thought I’d bring up a little tid bit from yesterday’s Apple’s press conference that many of us may have missed, but we sure didn’t. Well technically this bit was announced way back in July but I'm gonna tell you anyways.

Naturally the only part of any iOS update that we actually care about are the new emoji’s we can spam our friends and Instagram posts with. And this newest emoji update, which will be released with iOS 11 on September 19th introduces the meditation emoji. About time!

Finally we can express our mood with a single button press rather than writing out the time consuming 4 syllable word. Imagine all the precious seconds of saved time. Android users can probably expect their meditation emoji sometime in the near future.

You can bet you're going to be seeing a lot of this one from us. One can only hope the next update includes a diffuser emoji.

Filip Zieba

Executive mind wellness enthusiast from Toronto, Canada making sense of mindfulness and Zen culture for the modern world.